diro ISP solutions



Diro Technologies has partnered with SimbaNET, SimbaSKY and Yahsat Company (UAE) to provide Ka band satellite technology with a coverage area of 28 countries. We provide high speed, cost effective internet service using commercial ka multi spot beam technology.


The service is offered through reputable Service Partners in each country. We offer instant internet regardless of geography or location within the coverage area.

1      Why our Satellite Internet Services

§  Satellite communication technology has been used as a means to connect to the Internet via broadband data connections. This can be very useful for users who are located in remote areas, and cannot access a broadband connection, or require high availability of services.

§  Cheap Internet: Affordable connectivity to the internet will go a long way in improving the economic conditions of small and medium businesses, particularly where they are already facing many infrastructural and financial challenges.

§  We play a key role in the economic development of the nations we cover by connecting rural and urban communities and helping create informed societies.

§  Affordable Terminals & Bandwidth: Affordable CPE prices and very competitive monthly subscriptions for “real” broadband offerings, which can range up to 15Mbps

§  Instant Availability: Instant availability across a significant number of markets—no need to wait for infrastructure roll out.

§  Reliability: Independence from terrestrial systems and their outages or congestion, connection to Tier 1 internet backbone with multiple redundancies, system availability at 99.5%. 

§  Cost Effective Coverage: Cost-effective service to the remotest customers difficult to serve with terrestrial broadband, supporting governments’ universal service aspirations

2      Our Guaranteed Customer Internet Services

Diro Technologies business model allows us to focus on customer service which will result in better quality of service for the end users as listed below:

§  High speed shared broadband internet connection

§  Direct from satellite to gateway to user

§  Affordable

§  99 % Reliability and availability

§  High performance

§  Last mile solution

§  Shared network, all users reside in a single large pool within a beam for maximum optimization of internet services.

3      Satellite Competitive Advantages over Terrestrial

§  Always connected to Internet

§  Enables service availability to remote customers in any terrain (mountainous, remote, desert, jungle) where terrestrial broadband is too expensive to roll out

§  Signal is unaffected by geographic location of user

§  Service unaffected by undersea fiber cuts or inland fiber/wires

§  Direct link to Internet teleports with redundant connectivity to Tier 1 Internet backbone

§  Multiple users can share the same connection simultaneously

§  Highly reliable backup solution for existing terrestrial links

§  Achieves governmental Universal Service Obligations efficiently and instantly

§  Does not tie up phone lines

§  No additional line charges

4      Our Satellite ISP Offers

§  Wider package variations—very small to very large: Small package for very light users who want only basic email and browsing. Why pay for a full service when you can just pay for what you really need? Extra fast packages for more sophisticated markets

§  Unlimited free zone: Our subscribers can download unlimited content between 1am and 6am, which is not counted as part of their daily data volume limits, free of charge.

§  Fair Access Policies (FAP) Reset Tokens : Customers will be able to purchase a token to reset their FAP limit and increase their data consumption at full speed